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Volunteers Needed


Currently, we are looking for volunteers to fill the following positions:

 Development/Public Relations (much of the work can be done at home)

 Extracurricular Activities (if you would like to offer our students an after-school activity)

 Fundraising (Shopping Night, Windfall Calendars, Auction, etc.)

 Special Projects (painting, carpentry, plumbing, etc. for the school)

  Technology (database management, website, etc.)

Remember, each family must serve 20 hours annually in a volunteer capacity! If you have another suggestion not listed here, please let us know! Our school programs would not be the success they are without our wonderful parent (and grandparent) volunteers!

If you feel able to provide any of the following services for the school, please contact the school office

Thank you!

Other ways to support our School!

Your participation energizes our school community.
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