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Mr Robert Corcoran, 
Science Co-ordinator K-5
Teacher,Gr. 7 & 8 Life Science/Physical Science

Science Week 2013

Once again the St. Agatha Science Week 2013 was another huge success.  From great student projects on display in the classrooms to the fantastic IBM  class presentations to the tremendous accomplishments of the middle school Open House “ Thursday afternoon and evening, all were picture perfect.  St Agatha’s is very proud of our entire body and its hardworking staff.  Every grade, and every teacher showed us all the quality of our school’s Teaching and Learning.

As part of the Middle School presentations a number of honors were presented to deserving student projects.  More than 40 awards were presented for scientific excellence in grades 5 through 8.  In addition Mrs. Simmons presented aprincipal’s award to the science project in each grade to the individuals  display the quality science learned at St. Agatha’s School.


Grade 5 Grade 6
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Grade 7 Grade 8
Look at Grade 7 exhibits.... Look at Grade 8 exhibits....
K Grade 2
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Grade 3 Grade 4
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General Guidelines
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St Agatha Middle School Science Curriculum

The focus of science education at St Agatha middle school is centered on the premise that actively involves students with inquiry based, hands-on experiments so as to “cultivate a positive attitude toward science and learning in general.”
The core of the curriculum is centered on the Earth, the Biological and the Physical sciences.

Laboratory information