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St Agatha School is an Accredited Member of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges
Our School Motto:  Celebrate Christian Values ~ Excel in Education
St. Agatha School is a vital vibrant parish school that provides an excellent academic program in a strong, nurturing, fiscally responsible, and Catholic environment. Through the dedication and collaboration among our teachers, students, faculty, administrators, parents, and parishioners, our school proudly features: NEASC Accreditation, Resource Departments, Standardized Testing, On-site Nurse, Art, Library, Computer Lab & Media Center, Interactive Learning Boards, Music, Phys. Ed., Religion Classes, Foreign Language, Hot Lunch Program, Extended Day Program and other activities. Together we are committed to providing academic excellence.
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About Us  - St. Agatha School is a Christian Catholic Community that excels in education. Our school opened in 1941 and was located on Fr. Carney Drive in Milton. The school was then relocated to its current spot in 1951.  St. Agatha School is New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC) accredited. Our students receive a strong, moral, spiritual, academic, and social foundation that challenges each and every one of them to be the best they can be.

Mission Statement - The purpose of the St. Agatha School mission statement is to clearly articulate the foundational principles, upon which our every objective, policy and action as teachers of The People of God rests. As we “set out into the deep” in this new millennium, the policies stated in this Parent/Student Handbook are meant to assist us on “a voyage of discovery,” a voyage that will lead each of us to share in the fulfillment of our shared mission, as stated below:

St. Agatha School is a Christian Catholic community providing excellence in education.

Together, our members strive to maintain a safe, positive learning environment.

Through worship and service, we see Jesus in every member of our community.

We do our best to help everyone in our school feel capable, connected and contributing.

Because we are two or more gathered in His Name, we believe that Christ is in our midst at St. Agatha School.

In His Love, do all that we can to excel in education and to celebrate Christian values.

To fulfill this mission, we promise to do what Jesus would do each day, in every way.

And so, create a school climate filled with the Gospel spirit.

School Philosophy - The mission of St. Agatha School is to “Teach as Jesus Did”(Pastoral Message of the Bishops of U.S. Catholic Conference, 1972). We believe that Christ is the model on whom Christian life is shaped. We strive to generate a community climate that is permeated by the Gospel spirit of freedom and love.
Catholic Christian principles are integrated in the teaching of all academic subjects. Faith formation, social awareness, and responsible decision-making are essential elements in the education of each child. Enrichment programs and service projects broaden the student’s perspectives and prepare them for their contribution to society in the future.

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School Pledge - Because Saint Agatha School is a Christian, Catholic Community with “Excellence in Education” as our goal, I will:

• See Jesus in every member of this community
• Treat others the way I would want to be treated
• Do nothing to prevent the teachers from teaching and anyone, including myself, from learning
• Help create and maintain a safe and positive learning environment
• Come to school prepared for learning
• Show respect for school and personal property
• Act responsibly and accept the consequences for my actions
• Help everyone at Saint Agatha School feel capable, connected, and contributing.

School Hours - St Agatha students attend school daily Monday through Friday. School begins promptly at 8am and students may be dropped off no earlier than 7:45am. The school day ends at 2:30pm and on early dismissal days, students are released at 11:45am. Our Extended Day Program begins immediately upon dismissal and is offered to all students in grades K1-8.
St. Agatha School also offers an Early Morning Arrival program enabling students to be dropped off at 7am. Please contact our administrative office for more information at (617) 696-3548.

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NEASC Accreditation - St. Agatha School is NEASC accredited. To maintain accreditation with the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) we continually show that all aspects of the school program continues to support their mission, that enrollment is stable and of sufficient number to warrant continuing its operations; that the professional staff are all qualified and certified to teach in their given subject areas; that the school program meets the needs of all its students; that the governance of the school is effective; that the school has an updated multi-year plan for technology and the school program; that the school’s financial management ensures the school will remain viable and vital for years to come. Click here for to more information about NEASC.

Registration Information - Would you like your child to attend St. Agatha School? Please contact St. Agatha Admissions at or call 617 696-3548 x
202 to request further information or to arrange a school visit..


Tuition Rates - St. Agatha School offers competitive tuition rates. We work diligently each year to try to reduce costs, and raise school funds. One important way is through our ongoing and successful fundraising efforts such as Bingo, our Annual Auction, various family events throughout the year, and offering a hot lunch program for our students. Click here for Tuition Rates for 2018-2019

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FACTS Tuition Program - St. Agatha School offers FACTS e-Cashier by FACTS Management Company. This program allows you to break down your tuition costs into 10 monthly payments. (There is a small enrollment fee of $38.00 to utilize the FACTS program).
Through FACTS e-Cashier you will be able to:
1. Arrange for monthly payments
2. FACTS e-Cashier will allow you to make payment(s) by Automatic Bank Payments from your Checking or Savings account (United States Bank Accounts Only)

FactsClick on the FACTS logo to sign up
for FACTS payments
at St. Agatha School
If you would like to create an application for financial aid,
please go to the FACTS Grant and Aid website.

Extended Day Program - Saint Agatha School Extended Day Program is a safe, nurturing environment where your child can play, explore, and discover! The program meets the specific age-related needs of each student and is specifically designed to support, extend, and enrich the curriculum offered at St. Agatha School in a structured, social, and well-supervised atmosphere.  Saint Agatha Extended Day Program is open to all St. Agatha Students, grade K1-8 with hours of operation from: 2:30pm -6:00pm on all school days and 11:45am-6:00pm on early dismissal days. Click here for more information.

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St. Agatha’s Resource Rooms and Technology - Saint Agatha School is committed to keeping abreast with today’s technology. That is why we strive to offer interactive lessons that are both educational and engaging for our students. We currently have a Science Lab where students can expand their learning by doing various experiments. We also have a Resource Media Room equipped with a 1:1 ratio of computers to students. Additionally, through our fundraising efforts St. Agatha School currently has 10 interactive (smart) boards in various classrooms, and all classrooms come equipped with TV monitors used mainly for school updates and communication.

St. Agatha’s Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan - Saint Agatha School fosters a safe, positive and productive educational environment where students can attain the highest level of academic achievement and where no student will be subjected to Bullying, Cyber-Bullying or Retaliation. Click here to read more about St. Agatha’s anti-bullying policy.

Contact Us - You are always welcomed to contact us directly at (617) 696-3548. We are here to assist you with your child’s educational needs and are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You may also e-mail us at

Click here to read our Privacy Policy..

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