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Another exciting year at the Saint Agatha School Extended Day Program.
A safe, nurturing environment where your child can play, explore, and discover!
Registration form available for the 2017-2018 year....

Please get your registration forms filled out and returned to the front office as soon as possible.
All students must be registered in order to attend Extended Day.
Thank you,
Mrs. Julie Reilly

Saint Agatha Extended School is open to all St. Agatha Students, grade K0-8. The program meets the specific age-related needs of each student and is specifically designed to support, extend, and enrich the curriculum offered at St. Agatha School in a structured, social, and well-supervised atmosphere.

Saint Agatha’s Extended School Day will start immediately following student release from school, including those days when the students are released early. The program will end promptly at 6:00 pm. The students will be utilizing the Kindergarten 1 along with the Art Room and various classrooms throughout the school as well as the gymnasium. Computers will also be available for use by Extended Day.

The professional staff provides the Extended Day Program with both an excellent teacher/child ratio and experience working with the middle school and elementary levels. Our program is designed to promote your child’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and social growth by focusing on education, safety and fun. Saint Agatha’s Extended School Day provides a safe, nurturing environment where your child can play explore and discover.

We believe that an extension of our school day should provide students with a time to reflect and enrich the Saint Agatha School curriculum while having fun and interacting on a social level with their peers.
Therefore, we have created exciting enrichment activities, based on the interests of children, which will build on your child’s organizational, learning, and critical thinking skills.

Saint Agatha Extended Day is excited to offer this enrichment based program at the low rate of $20.00 per full day attendance as another opportunity for the students at Saint Agatha School to grow and learn together in their community school.

Throughout the school year…
Children will share in…
> Supervised homework time
> Computer time
> Various types of sports and non-competitive skill development games.
> Arts and Crafts projects
> Special programs, clubs, and instructors
> A cooperative environment
Our program gives children the opportunity to enhance social skills, problem solving skills, peer relationships and a sense of community.

$20 per day

Hours of Operation: 2:30 -6:00pm on all school days. 11:45-6:00pm on early dismissal days. Additional charges will apply if your child is picked up after 6:00pm.

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