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On Friday February 27, the Yearbook Committee is sponsoring a bake sale.  All 8th grade students are strongly encouraged to bring in a baked good...  students is all other grades are invited to bring in a baked good.  All baked goods should be brought to the cafeteria before school on Friday morning.  Please bring in $1.00 if youwish to purchase a baked good.


Please join us at
The 17th Annual St. Agatha School
Dinner Party and Auction!

Saturday, March 21st

We’re looking for a wide variety of items and services for donations.  If you donate an item, your name and/or company name will be printed in the Auction booklet. 


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St Agatha School Spelling Bee
Spelling Bee Spelling Bee

D.J.Ormond won the Saint Agatha School Spelling Bee on February 13th. Twenty five students participated  from grade five through grade eight. The top student from each grade were:
Grade 8 D.J. Ormond, Grade 7 Eimear McGowan, Grade 6 Elena Lambert, Grade 5 Tommy Kelly
These students will participate in an Area 5 Spelling Bee on March 20,2015 at Saint Jerome School in Weymouth.
We are proud of these winners as well as all the students who participated in the Bee.

Grade 6 Cultural Museum

Cultural Museum
Grade 6 unveiled their cultures in the form of a Cultural Museum.
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Re-Registration and Tuition Preference forms for the 2015-2016 school year are now available.
Please fill them out and return no later than February 13th
along with your $200 re-registration fee per child to the office.

State of the School
Mrs. Simmons has prepared the State of the School report for 2014.
It is now available to be downloaded..

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Extended Day Program


St. Agatha School is a Christian Catholic community providing excellence in education. Together, our members strive to maintain a safe, positive learning environment. Through worship and service, we see Jesus in every member of our community. We do our best to help everyone in our school feel capable, connected and contributing. Because we are two or more gathered in His Name, we believe that Christ is in our midst at St. Agatha School. In His Love, do all that we can to excel in education and to celebrate Christian values. To fulfill this mission, we promise to do what Jesus would do each day, in every way. And so, create a school climate filled with the Gospel spirit.

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Keep scrip on hand for your weekly trios to the gas station and grocery store!  Scrip is the easiest way to raise money for our school!  When you make a purchase thru scrip, you are purchasing gift certificates and prepaid cards that are used just like cash (with NO service fees).  You can use scrip to purchase everyday expenses like food, clothing, toys, gasoline, teacher appreciation and other essentials.
St. Agatha’s families produce revenue by making regular household purchases that you would make anyway.  Example:  Buy a Land’s End Gift Card for $100.00 and $8.00 (8%) will go directly to St. Agatha’s.
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